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Growing a community takes participation and support of local businesses, for 2017 we will promote existing members as we invite new businesses and entrepreneurs to the area.


A New Outlook for 2017 - The Awakening


There are amazing places to visit in Dolores County - truly beautiful scenery and a great location to make your recreational visit to the four corners something special!  


Paradox Trust

DCTV - "In The Chamber" locked and loaded for success!

Communications are a critical element for a community to prosper; be it within the community as well as  addressing visitors and newcomers to join in - if just for a little while - to discover why our local residents find the greater Dove Creek area somewhere special. To document and feature businesses, entrepreneurs, creative individuals, non profit projects and more, we will be launching the DC Chamber TV program... stay tuned...

​Changes at DCTV are still in the works, thanks for your patience!

Supporting Funding through the

Paradox Community Challenge Grant

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Projects :

Colorado Office of Tourism

Planning for many exciting and informational events for 2017 - helping showcase local businesses as well as the local artistic community.

Weber Business Park News

We will continue to share updates on the progress regarding the Dolores County Development Corp. and possible new tenants in the business park. The potential to restart the crushing plant to process Hemp, and expand the old cement plant to launch Hemp-Crete production is very exciting news. Meetings for DCDC are open to the public the second Wednesday of the month 11am at the Extension Meeting room. 

We are Relaunching the Greater Dove Creek Area Chamber of Commerce, we look forward to exciting growth for 2017!